Coastal Development Partnership

Promoting Peace and Progress

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Advocacy And Campaign

Advocacy is one of the key CDP tools for changing the context, which includes attitudes, actions, policies, and laws, in which people and organizations. CDP advocacy works incorporate a variety of communications strategies, such as meetings, briefing papers, and events, and it targets a wide range of influential people and institutions, such as governments, businesses, donors, religious groups, NGOs, and the media. CDP advocacy work is carried out at different levels, from local and national to international. Networking activities of the CDP are focused on increasing levels of accountability and responsibility among the stakeholders for pursuing and lobbying with the policy makers.

Campaign is also one of the key strength of CDP. CDP has introduced many global campaigns in Bangladesh such as “Countdown to Copenhagen” and “World Cleanup Campaign 2012”. CDP played a very important role in the Countdown to Copenhagen campaign in Bangladesh. The Countdown to Copenhagen Bangladesh Campaign has linked 54 NGOs into one platform to connect more than 100,000 climate vulnerable people to get their solidarity for a People’s Memorandum. CDP, along with 54 NGOs, is voluntarily conducting the Bangladesh campaign in 57 upozillas of 35 districts. In campaign, CDP works jointly with NGOs, UPs, Club and CBOs, Press club, Forest department and members of Parliament. CDP is one of the key Facilitators of the global “Time for Climate Justice” Campaign. CDP has been campaigning against large-scale/ excessive mono-cropping & chemical fertilizer & pesticide use in Bangladesh. CDP as a partner of the Earth Day Network (EDN) organize campaign to raise on Voice to Reduce Vulnerability of Climate Change, Save the Earth.