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5. Reorganizing & Empowering Person with Disabilities (RED)

Reorganizing and Empowering Person with Disabilities in coastal Bangladesh CDP has taken the challenge for empowering the people with disabilities through partnership with Disabled People’s Organizations. CDP RED Program aims to ensuring that disabled people are always included and consulted on all matters, so that they can fully participate in society as “Differently Able Person (DAP)”.

Areas of intervention for the program unit are as follows:

a) Action research and baseline survey is needed among the people with disabilities and his/her family for understanding and for about themselves for next action.

b) Need awareness training for their moral strength and establish their rights.

c) Arrange training with the family members and local government institutions to extend their cooperation.

d) Arrange education program and skill training for them.

e) Assist them with income and employment generation activates.

f) Arrange health facility for the disable persons and support with some assistive devise.

g) Advocacy for the rights of the people with disabilities


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