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People's Empowerment for Addressing Climate Justice and Environmental Justice (PEACE)

Logo of PEACE

PEACE is strengthening the local capacity on community-driven ecosystem-based climate change adaptation to reduce vulnerability and adverse impacts of climate change in Bangladesh through effective and active participation of the extreme poor, socially excluded & most vulnerable communities. Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienste.v (EED), Germany is supporting the project.

PEACE is being implemented in 2 phases.

Phase I (2010-2011): Identification of the existing local knowledge base of local adaptation strategies within a community This phase was successfully completed in March 2011.

Phase II (2011-2014): Community-Driven & Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (CBA) pilots the community component of climate change adaptation, implementing community-based projects that seek to enhance the resiliency of communities, and the ecosystems on which they rely, to climate change impacts. It will generate knowledge and/or demonstrate the way about how to adapt to climate change at the local level.

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