Coastal Development Partnership

Promoting Peace and Progress

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Human Resources

Operation, Human Resources And Financial Management

Executive Director with the support of Chief Coordination Officer, four Chief Regional Officers and Finance & Administration Manager conducts and maintains the day-to-day organizational matters. CDP Central Coordination Office (CO) in Dhaka performs the executive coordination role, devises the overall strategic direction and priorities, provide policy guidance, oversight resources and monitor operations.To address local development issues with decentralized management approach, CDP has divided the whole country into four regions [(a) Khulna-Barisal Region b) Dhaka-Sylhet Region c) Rajshahi-Rangpur Region and d) Chittagong Hill Tracts-Chittagong Region]. CDP Regional Offices (RO) manage regional operations and provide support to Branch Offices (BO) in their respective regions (including support in development of the program, day-to-day assistance on program implementation, monitoring of program progress, oversight functions, supporting policy dialogue and programmatic cooperation with regional entities). In each region, the designated Chief Regional Officer (CRO) coordinates and facilitates CDP interventions under the supervision of Chief Coordination Officer (CCO).

Total Employees Gender Representation Ethnic Representation Religious Representation
Bengali Indigenous
Men (%) Women (%) Men Women Total (%) Men Women Total (%)

Muslim (%)

Hindu (%) Others (%)
36 61.11 38.89 18 12 83.33 4 2 16.67 69.44 13.89 16.67

CDP groups similar or related occupational specialties together into Team-Based Structure (TBS)to perform a specialized set of tasks, such as Program, Research, Advocacy & Networking, Human Resources Management, Finance & Accounts, etc. CDP also use cross-functional team with different functional expertise, skills and experience work together through action learning process to solve a problem or to accomplish a task on ad hoc.