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3. Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development (CCESD)

Climate Change Education by Coastal Development Partnership

The process of the greening carbon-addicted economy both at global and national would not be accelerated without qualified climate professional and such process require specialized climate change education for taking actions to solve real-life problems linked with climate change. Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development (CCESD) is about the development of Climate Resilient capacity- thus increasing the abilities of individuals, groups or organizations to address opportunities, risks or vulnerabilities associated with climate change.


Climate change educationfor Sustainable Development (CCESD) program unitis primary focused on the following strategic actions:

a) Non-Formal Climate Change Education for rural communities

b) Climate Literacy for policymakers, journalists, NGOs and Business sector

c) Climate Change Professional development

d) Climate Change Education for Adaptation& Mitigation

CDP has completed the following research project under this program unit.

Scoping Study on Climate Change and Environmental Education in Asia Pacific

State of Education on Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific: The Case of Bangladesh

This research project was funded by The Climate Change Learning Initiative Mobilizing Action for Transforming Environments in Asia Pacific (CLIMATE Asia Pacific). The objective of the research was -

1. Recognising the importance of education as an instrument to foster the participation of peoples in cultural, social, economic and political developments;

2. Recognizing the intensifying effects of climate change and other environmental challenges on vulnerable communities, sectors and sub-regions in Asia Pacific;

3. Recognizing the role of climate change and environmental education in equipping the people with basic means to involve and participate in policy and program development and implementation, affecting their lives and effectively addressing environmental issues

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